The gym in Hoogeveen with 3500m² of sports fun for the whole family!


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The gym in Hoogeveen with 24/7 fitness and sports

Are you looking for a complete and versatile gym in Hoogeveen? Then Sportpaleis is perfect for you! Our spacious halls are suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. For fitness, strength training, cardio and fun group lessons you've come to the right place.

Our team is on hand to make sure you get plenty of guidance on fitness exercises. Are you an advanced athlete? Then you can let your hair down in our Free Weight Zone. We also have trainers for various group classes, each with their own speciality. The current timetable of group lessons is always online on our website.

The advantages of Sportpaleis

Sportpaleis has 3500m² of sports fun for the whole family!

Team Sports Palace is ready for you every day. We have no less than 3500m² of sports fun for the whole family. Even when we are not there, you can always use our gym, because we are Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! With a 24/7 subscription, you get a code that allows you to enter anytime. Ideal if you work irregular hours, but still want to exercise in between.

Do you need extra support in your path to a fit and healthy body? Then you can also choose to start with a personal trainer. By applying different techniques, we create a personalised programme together with you. This allows you to achieve the desired (physical) result as quickly as possible.

Our own brand of supplements: Lifestyle Nutrition

To fully support our members with diet and healthy supplements, we have Lifestyle Nutrition founded. These are nutritional supplements or vital substances for anyone concerned with good health, sports performance or a beautiful physique.

The foundation of your lifestyle should always consist of proper nutrition, training and rest. Nevertheless, by using nutritional supplements, one can achieve his or her goals faster or better. If required, we can always advise on this and look together at the right nutritional and/or supplement support.

Partners and collaborations

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