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  • To be used in any sports centre;
  • Keeping track of your workouts;
  • Tracking your progress;
  • Videos of how to perform the exercise correctly;
  • Training schedules from the app, or your own created;
  • Possibility of online coaching. So you always have a coach at hand;
  • Community platform for training schedules, meals, photos, videos and motivational stories you can share with the rest of the app members;
  • Challenge within this community or globally;
  • Linked to a nutrition app, where you can track your daily nutrition for optimal results;
  • Meals and diets are easy to follow;
  • Also, this App can be paired with your Fitwatch!

Training schedules and exercises

In the app, you can create your workout schedules or use existing ones. When viewing these schedules, you will also see how to do the exercises. This is because a video will play here with an example of how to perform the exercise correctly.

In the schedules, you can enter what you did. This way, for the next time, you can easily see where you are and whether you can go heavier. Seeing and noting all this will ensure you make optimal progress.


A healthy lifestyle cannot do without nutrition. That is why this app is linked to a nutrition app where you can have your daily needs calculated and tracked. This way, a fixed food schedule is unnecessary and you will become very conscious with what you eat. Enter your daily diet here and you will immediately see how many calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats it contains. It also shows the amount of micronutrients. In the app, you can create meals to easily and simply add e.g. your daily breakfast.

Our diet plans are also in here and you can easily use them. New healthy dishes are added to the app every month.

Online Coaching

If you have this in your subscription, you have the option to get in touch with your coach. Your coach can see here what workouts you have done, whether you have completed your nutrition and can even schedule activities for you to coach you in the best possible way.

Community platform

You can communicate here with everyone who is a member of the app group. Share your workouts, progress, meals, PRs, videos and photos. Motivate each other and share your tips or ask for them here. This allows us to create an even more convivial atmosphere within our community.


Create challenges or use an existing challenge and complete it. This will earn you 'Medals' and 'fit points'. Other members can thus see what you have done via your profile. Calorie burn, number of minutes exercised, kilometres covered and the total number of fitpoints earned. This is all displayed on your profile and within the app club there is a ranking based on the number of fitpoints achieved.


Do you have a Fitwatch such as a fit-bit or applewatch? Then you can pair it with the app. This makes logging your daily activities even easier.

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* For members of Sportpaleis Hoogeveen, this app is free.

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