Pool, snooker, billiards and darts centre

Pool, snooker, billiards and darts centre Sportpaleis open 24/7

In cooperation with billiard centre "De Kromme Keu" (which is adjacent to us), we:

  • Five billiard tables;
  • Four pool tables;
  • Two snooker tables;
  • And several dart courts;

Our concept is new and unique. We are the only and first gym in the world to add these four sports to the sports on offer at a fitness centre.

How does our new concept work?

If you join Sportpaleis, then you can use all the gaming tables and darts courts for free. Only 50 cents per half hour is paid for the lights and billiards equipment. One or two euro coins can also be used. We have an automatic payment system for this, which regulates the light.

Not a member of Sportpaleis?

Not a member, but still want to use the pool, snooker, billiards and darts centre? You are most welcome! Without a subscription, the cost is five euros a time and you can play unlimited. This includes unlimited coffee, tea and sports drinks.

Tip: competition and tournaments are among the possibilities!


Sign up soon or do a free trial week!

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